Photo montage at Hudson Yard, New York City
 Plan study    To start the design concept, we first studied the new garden city proposal by Le corbusier, the Three Million city, Plan of Voisin, La Villa Radieuse and the Left Bank of the Scheldt. Among all the different types of buildings in these city plans we adopted one typology of building from each plan respectively.  In order to generate a new form we use the original buildings as primitive, hybridize them into several unique building types. We believe that the hybrid model will contain all the formal and functional characteristics from each original buildings.
 Study model
 In order to achieve the idea of green space and live & work space, we designed two main buildings branching out horizontally with the vertical sequence of cantilliver blocks and setbacks so it allows each dwelling unit can have an ample amount of natural light and fresh air in the building.
 Site rendering
 Central parks at the roof top
 Glass farm
 Residential house occupying more than 500 families
 Collective garden within the building blocks
 Photo montage
 Powder print model
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