Site plan of project
 Aldo Rossi Locomotiva 2 Research, 1962  During the 60s, the urban planning proposal of centro direzionale made by Aldo Rossi was to alleviate congestions and reverse the conversion of housing stock to office use in central cities, the strategy proposed was to build complexes of offices and municipal administrative facilities outside historic city centre. The large scale of the complex not only contains a new district but also formally determines the direction of urban expansion.
 Plan drawing of Locomotiva 2 by Aldo Rossi, 1962  The main features of Rossi’s design contains three large square ring and 12 columns penetrate into the rings.
 Elevation  The design form of the project use Locomotiva 2 by Aldo Rossi as reference. Keep the feature of courtyard plan, squared rings and columns of  Locomotiva 2. Started with transforming the linear courtyard-based plan. The transformed flat courtyard was the result of the twist in the mass which is separated into horizontal and vertical courtyard that frames the city with one continuous mass. And the movement of the mass gave the ability to have circulation in the vertical courtyard. The city brought into the building by lifting the right side up to engage the mass to the city and also create an open circulation in the horizontal courtyard.
 Section 2
 Plan cut
 Plan cut 2
 Series of plan cuts
 Photo montage with downtown Los Angeles
 Physical model
 Physical model
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