An Obeisance to Rock  Author: Wei Dai
 Axon view of project   This project is a multi-family residential district, associated with retail and restaurant at ground level. The project will be built in the completely urbanized location of San Gabriel, California, where access to inorganic forms is limited to distant views of the San Gabriel Mountains.
 Primitive housing model study  When we focus on each individual unit will find the more closed relation between the boulders and the building. Two families share two boulders. Fromaly speaking , one boulder will become part of a unit and the other boulder will cast out the unit and replace the original space. As a result, the residents will experience both exterior and interior of the boulders.
 Interior view  The interior design follows the concept of the project that the contrast of both spacial and tactile experience take place where the boulder appears. However, in contrast with the exterior texture, the use of material of inside of boulder will be completely opposite to the exterior.  Using soft, pliable texture such as fur and cushion provides a visual and tactile impact which extensively will effecting people’s daily routine.
 Interior of living room
 Plan cut
 Plan cut of lower family housing
 Plan cut of upper housing
 Section cut
 Section cut
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