zhifei Chen

陈 鸷飞

My name is Zhifei Chen, I am from Sichuan, China. I received my master architecture degree at SCI-Arc in 2018 and I currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

I start my architecture journey at University of Minnesota Twin Cites in United States since 2011 and received Bachelor of architecture degree. During the years, I worked for various offices both in China and United States to gain my experiences including: China Southwest Architectural (中国西南建筑设计院),Andrew Zago architect ,Globe Architecture LLC.

I am a structured thinker and use a methodical approach when accomplishing tasks. I pay close attention to the details to ensure my work is accurate and thoughtful. At SCI-Arc, I am known as a highly efficient and detailed person. I take direction well, complete all projects on time with high quality, always open to taking on extra hours, and willing to help out with additional tasks. I am confident in critical thinking to not only improve myself but also support the growth of my team. I am also a fast learner and willing to learn new technology and software. In addition to the technological skills, I am also confident in freehand sketching, painting, and adept at physical modeling with different types of materials, freehand cutting, laser cutting, CNC milling and 3D printing. I am mostly self-taught but am also a strong team player. I am a very optimistic person in general, easy to communicate via phone, email and in person, good at management, listening to people’s opinions and am able to negotiate with my team members to settle any disputes.